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2019 - february

I had a terrific road trip up the NSW north coast last month to try out some new gear and techniques. I'm hoping this year will see lots of opportunities to get more shoots in.

2019 - january

Happy new year to you all, and many thanks to those who have supported and followed me over the last 12 months. I wish you all every success in 2019.

2018 - december

Wishing everyone a safe and happy break this year. Be sure to buy yourselves something nice... My treat for myself is going to be an update to my support system :)

2018 - november

Found some time in October to do something a bit different by visiting some interesting urban locations around Homebush.

2018 - october

Looking forward to a variety of shooting opportunities in the Blue Mountains this month.

2018 - september

No shoots this month, just editing and printing. I've got quite a backlog of images from old shoots that can always keep me busy when I don't have any shoots planned.

2018 - august

I got a bit of whale watching in last month. No shots to get too excited over but it was still a bit of a thrill.

This month I'm focused on the moon again.

2018 - july

I was very happy with what I got from my harbour shoots last month. A couple of new landscapes to add to the collection.

2018 - june

No landscape work last month, it was all portraits and community events. Hoping to get some good landscapes in Sydney in June.

2018 - may

Last month saw me visiting some new locations up the coast, as well as attending a special wedding. I'll be posting the results soon.

2018 - april

Happy Easter everybody! I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday, and managed to take lots of happy snaps while you were at it.

2018 - march

April is shaping up to be the month I get back into the swing of things, there's a couple of exciting opportunities scheduled throughout the month that I'm really looking forward to.